The goal is to protect your main domain’s reputation, as your main domain would be used for internal communications and official business interactions.

This is by far the most critical and common mistake SDRs at larger companies are making thats leading to major SDR churn and inefficient outreach efforts.

The way this is done is through alternate domain accounts that feel similar to your primary domain but with a twist, lets go through what this means.

Assume your primary domain is, you’d have all your accounts setup as [email protected] (for e.g), in this case for your outbound, you’d want to buy domains such as these:

Depending on your domain name you’re looking at ~$9 for a yearly purchase from each.

Once you buy the domains, head over to the Advanced DNS settings section and 301 redirect the domain to your primary domain, i.e to

So if someone tries copying your sender email address and visiting the site, it’ll be redirected to your primary domain.

To build towards 10+ demos per day it is advisable to have a system that lets us send at least 500-800 emails per day, and based on safe sending limits (we’ll get to this chapter soon.

It would be good to buy 10-14 domains at minimum when starting off your outbound process.

With smartlead you can add unlimited email accounts at a flat rate so nothing to worry about with respect to added costs, it stays the same.