Some examples:

**URL:** <>


Prospect Bio:** I like buying coffees, leading passionate people and building great products - FAST. I'm recommended by C - Level Execs of Billion $ companies, I've been given prestigious awards and lost my hair in doing so. I started Five2One in May 2017 with $500 and grew it to 7 figures and 10 team members in 11 months & 28 days (the day I closed the deal that got us the 7 Fig mark)In this time we've been recognised as one of the best in Australia and have built 42 production grade applications for start ups and corporates

**Personalised Intro**: Hey Vaibhav, I'm really impressed to learn about your successes with Five2One and the fact you grew it from $500 to $7M in just 11 months- wow! I've been meaning to check out what you're doing over there but haven't had the chance yet, perhaps I'll get a coffee and give it a look. It's great that Five2One is recognised as one of the best in Australia too- well done on all your achievements!.


**Prospect Job Description:** Five2One is a software product development house. We build apps for the best companies in the world and I lead the engineering team**.**

**Personalised Intro:** Hey Vaibhav. I noticed you were a dev but moved onto to leading your current engineering team. I bet you don't get bored of new challenges with product development in general.


**Prospect Top Recommendation:** I worked with Vaibhav on a significant project for an ASX listed company. What makes Vaibhav unique is the combination of leadership, management, interpersonal and world class technical skills. I'd strongly recommend Vaibhav and look forward to our next project together

**Personalised Intros**: Hey Vaibhav, just read a pretty amazing recommendation you got from Daniel about the work you both did together on an ASX listed company. Its rare to find someone who's got strengths in both leadership and technical skills, I often refer to people with that mix as unicorns!


**Prospect Recent Post**: I may get into trouble for saying this but what the heck Its incredibly selfish and hypocritical when I see founders do this Given most founders started this way If you run an early-stage company or anything where you classify yourself as a startup Its extremely unfair that you impose a "no side projects" rule 90% chance, that's how the founder got started themselves, whilst working at another firm Encourage growth, if your team wins, you win. If they quit, at least it wasn't due to a poor work environment, but to chase their own vision #growth #founders #startup #entrepreneurs #teamculture

**Personalised Intros**: Hey Vaibhav! Saw your recent post on LinkedIn about side projects and I couldn't agree more, it's really selfish and hypocritical for founders to impose a "no side projects" rule when most founders started their own company/startup by doing just that.